Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Year of Generosity

Our first, second (and third) snows of the year have been cleared away, the calendar pages have been flipped over, and a stack of brand new shiny resolutions wait like little puppies, hopeful against all common sense to be adopted.

 I've shared this many times before: resolutions and I have never gotten along. In my mind a resolution requires a powdered wig and a gavel, a Robert's Rules kind of vote complete with a second, and two-thirds vote for approval. Resolutions seem to be stamped with an expiration date, which means you either did it - or you didn't. Once you've done it, well, what next? And if you didn't do it? Then what?

Rather than resoluteness as an improvement plan, I have used Christine Kane's Word for the Year tool to challenge and encourage myself toward goals and general self betterment.

The point is to select a word that will lead you into and through the next 350-some odd days ahead.
I've used Up, Engage and Allow, which have been instructional and very useful. I'll also admit that I had totally forgotten one year's word. Maybe that year's word was "resolution".

This year's word came to me unexpectedly but quite clearly, like a Eureka! moment in the shower.


Before long it became clear that it was meant to be my word, as over the course of the morning I had multiple opportunities to give it a workout.  Evidently the universe believes I need some schooling.

Generosity is about  amounts of things; time, kindness, patience, help, and yes, money. Generosity toward others, and perhaps even especially, toward myself. Generosity in spirit and from my pocketbook.

I'm anxious to experience how the thread of generosity will weave its way through my life in the year.

How about you? What word works for you?

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