Sunday, January 6, 2013


Greetings Dear Reader –
Those of you who follow this blog (hi Mom!) recall that I’m a not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. A more helpful method of self improvement or growth, in my opinion, is choosing a word to serve as a guide for the next 12 months.

Over the years I have used words like ‘engage’ or ‘focus’ to lead me through times of growth, languish, tension or ease. I found that a simple word whispered into my inner ear could lift or push or validate my actions in a manner far more deeply than any resolution could.
When the calendar reminded me that it was time to pick a new word for 2013 I imagined something exciting. Charge! Leap! Courage! Effortlessness!

The word that appeared unbidden was “up”.

“Up”?  Gee, I was imagining something more…exotic. 
The more I pondered my list of uplifting words, the more often the word “up” came ... up.

Have you ever noticed that when something is on your mind, you experience it more often?  Like forgetting your purse and seeing traffic cops at every corner. Or giving up sugar and the neighbor, to whom you haven’t spoken in years, brings over a pile of cookies just because. Or pondering the word “up”, and finding that it comes in handy in all kinds of situations.
I cleaned up some files. I’ve upped my exercise routine. I’m aware that I tend to knit my eyebrows and am making a conscious effort to lift them up, coincidentally lifting my attitude.

Who knew such a tiny little word would worm its way into my daily life and have an impact in such a short time? Up is not just a direction. It seems to be a call to action as well; get up, up-level; buck up; be up to it, upscale, be on the up and up, upbeat, sunny side up.  What else? I can have an uplifting attitude,  I can update my website. I can up-end my schedule, or upset the fruit basket – all good things in their proper context, which is to pay attention and grow. Up, of course.
At The Burkholder Project in Lincoln, Ne. proprietor Anne Burkholder arranged to put carpet up on the walls of a vacant studio space. 
Anne Burkholder herself

She then offered this prime space to a select group of artists, including me.

I signed up, and recently hung up a group of paintings on the wall.  Stop in and see what's up at the new Corner Gallery at The Burkholder Project.

I'm up for 2013. Are you?

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