Sunday, January 13, 2013

Souper Idea

Greetings Dear Reader –

Over the last few years I’ve worked hard to raise the public’s awareness of my immense talents.  I’ve learned SEO (sort of). I've taken on web design and blogging. I've taken - and taught - workshops and tooted my horn to gallery owners and directors of various art centers, all for the purpose of sharing my wonderfulness with the world. It was all about me.

Yesterday, however, it was about something vastly more important. 

Waiting to be fired...waiting to be filled

It seems that reality has reared its ugly head here in my own little community.  

For quite some time now the local elementary school has been providing backpacks full of nutritious food to children who have no means of finding a decent meal over the weekend.

 Here? In my neighborhood?  

Sadly, yes.  In lots of neighborhoods it seems. It's a sad fact that there are far too many families with empty cupboards here in the wealthiest nation in the world.

One of the best things about small communities is that when there’s a need, there’s someone willing to put on a soup supper fund raiser.  For a proper soup supper you need proper soup bowls. Buy a bowl of soup  and pay a little extra to put it in a super soup bowl - and help a child. Seems pretty easy.

The Geneva Art Association, of which I’ve been a proud member for over 20 years, did their part recently by painting a dozen or so ceramic bowls for this very occasion. 

 Not one of us knows a thing about ceramics, glazes or firing, but this group of community minded artists jumped in without hesitation. After firing, these bowls will be filled with the kind of delicious soup that can only be found in a church kitchen. 

Mine was supposed to look like flowers, especially of the rose variety. I'm afraid they ended up looking
 more like paw prints.  

Funds raised go to the Lincoln Food Bank and the Feeding America BackPack Program, which in turn provides food products to local volunteers who then fill  the backpacks and distribute them to those in need.

Our lack of experience was tempered by a sincere desire to help.

It's easy to become to focused on personal goals while the rest of the world slides by unnoticed.  

Take a moment to lift your eyes from whatever has got your focus. See what, or who, is out there. 

Could be time for a soup supper in your town. Pitch in. It's not just about us.


Karine Swenson said...

We have had these soup fundraisers here in our small community, too. LOVE THAT. So important for us to remember those in need. Yes, Patty, you are right.

Patty said...

It's easy to unite over a bowl of home cooked soup, isn't it?
Btw, love your new photo Karine! Gorgeous.