Sunday, January 20, 2013

No Words

I started this post with great hopes that a marvelous idea would leap out of my brain and land on the keyboard. My fingers are poised perfectly, just like typing class way back when. My digits are curled like talons ready to grab the first spark of...

Yeah. It's not happening.  I've mentioned that I post a blog by Sunday evening whether I have anything to say or not. This is one of those "not" weeks.

Rather than torment you with disjointed, half-baked thoughts, how 'bout I show you what's been on my easel?

11 x 14 oil  Just a few strokes shy of being done.

This is a different approach for me, more aggressive, less "pretty".  The brushstrokes are heavier, the colors pushed a bit more. My thoughts are leaning toward atmosphere rather than a physical likeness of something.  I'm thinking about paint as much as place.

Because I've been painting all day  my brain is definitely in picture mode. Rather than fight it any longer I surrender.

By the way, the bowls from last week turned out spectacularly. I can hardly wait to see them all lined up ready to be loaded with steaming hot soup!


Cathyann said...

Patty, you are leaning toward a Van Gogh like energy here minus the linear leaning. Very atmospheric and most definitely emotional. Wonderful!

Patty said...

Hey thanks Cathyann. That means alot coming from an accomplished painter!

Karine Swenson said...

Isn't a picture worth a thousand words, anyway?
A painting is worth more, if you ask me.