Sunday, July 6, 2008

Celebrate Geneva

My town is a small town, but we know how to party! Geneva just wrapped up their annual 4th of July celebration in fine form.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to put together two days of fun. From what I saw, almost everyone in town had a part in the festivities. The lodges and service clubs kept us well fed, the churches came together to put on a community concert and keep us in ice cream, Geneva's youth put on a musical with the help of the Missoula Theater, people rode their bikes and marathoned during the cool morning hours. The local quilters shared their projects and auctioned off items, and a group of historians reminded us of our roots in a display of Geneva's past. Our parade even had a rock band along with the requisite horses and tractors.

My friend Max Miller and I added our two bits with an art exhibit of our work, thanks to our Mayor, Rodney Norrie, who donated a store front for us. This was Max's debut, and the first time I'd shown more than a few pieces in town. Max and I opened with a reception on July 2nd and packed the house. The next two days I think everyone in the county stopped by. It was heartwarming to find our community supporting us in such a way. I'd share photos with you, but I was so busy having fun I neglected my camera!

Hope your 4th was filled with appreciation and joy. I know mine was. Thanks, Geneva, for your support and kindness. Thanks and congratulations to Max. More success will come your way. And many, many thanks to Handsome Husband for the incredible support and patience you've shared with me. It's been a blast! (A little fireworks humor there.)


Mavis said...

I wish I could have been there for a wonderful 4th of July celebration! Congratulations on your exhibition... and on many more to come! -Mavis

Preenie said...

Glad to hear the show was a hit!!! Happy painting to all : -)-Preenie