Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sticks 'n' Stones

My artist's date this week was a fun couple of hours with our community's Garden Club. Thanks to host Sharon's expertise, we created a variety of trellises with a collection of sticks she took the time and trouble to collect for us. Mine started out looking like a treble clef notation, and ended up like a flock of geese heading south. No matter, it was an interesting foray into a new medium.

Sharon's got a wonderful garden, and a knack for finding beauty just about anywhere.

It's a good idea to try new ideas now and then. I'm a painter in oils and pastels. Sticks were a nice change. A bit of a risk. Was I expected to create something wonderful because I work as an artist? Interestingly fluid, stridently straight, they have their own language. Sticks tell you right away they will not play by your rules. You can tie them down, you can cajole them into shape, but they do what they do. It was a lesson in getting out of the way.

Maybe sticks aren't your thing. Have you taken a risk lately? What have you done in the last little while that challenged you to new thinking?

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Karine said...

I tried to paint a jackrabbit using acrylic. It was horrible! And once again it confirmed that I am NOT an acrylic painter. But I still did it. Sticks sound like a lot more fun!