Sunday, July 13, 2008

Green Glass Garden

I had a delightful Artist's Date this past week. This is a weekly event in which an artist invites him or herself to a few hours of delightful, effortless, aimless, goal-less creativity. It's a refresher for those of us who take the art of creativity seriously.

With some encouragement from my dear friend Mavis, I planted new blossoms in my garden. Yes, the middle of July is no time for planting tender new shoots, but these particular flowers are pretty hardy.

My garden has a spot in which nothing will grow. It gets sun, it gets water, it'll even grow weeds, but nothing I want to grow will grow. I took matters into my own hands. I shook off all sense and purchased twenty feet of 3/4" copper tubing, and cut it into various lengths from 36" to 18". Topped with green glass insulators, they catch the sun glinting aqua and copper and filling that dull space with light and color. I got flowers!
The thing is, I have a practical streak a mile wide. It tends to interfere with delightful, aimless, goal-less creativity. But sometimes even practical people need to cut loose and do something just for the heck of it. My new flowers cost a few bucks, but I value them far above the dollar amount. I value them for the fun I had planning their creation. I value them for their aquamarine beauty. I value them for the lessons I learned about cost versus value.
What do you cut loose with? What do you value?


Mavis said...

Those flowers are just fantastic. Three cheers for Artist Dates!

Lynne said...

Now that is just the most wonderful and original thing for that issue of no-grow! Wow, leave it to an artist to come up with a creative solution, and a beautiful one...

Preenie said...

MMmmmm...I love copper! It's my fave. So creative and simple. That's an artist for ya!!!