Sunday, December 14, 2008

C is for Christmas

Ah, it's that time of year, isn't it? You know what I mean.
It's December, the month when all the friends you haven't seen in the last 12 months write to tell you how fabulous their year was.

It's Christmas Letter Time!

Eleven-inch envelopes that normally hold bank balance statements or credit card reminders now carry 8-1/2 by 11-inch pages of dancing snowmen or twirling holly garland wrapped around the years' adventures.

Does no one just stay home and read anymore?

It seems that all my best friends, who I haven't heard a peep out of (out of whom I haven't heard a peep) since their last declaration of Christmas cheer, have traveled the world with their beautiful children in tow. Remember them? The A+ students who organized the Katrina Relief Effort from their elementary school in the 'burbs while directing sight-impaired children across the street at the afterschool program in the projects before heading out to dance class to practice for the lead in the Nutcracker, after which they'll build a house for the neighbors whose house burned down, and train their dog to fetch newspapers for the elderly. Oh, don't forget the bone marrow drive they're thinking of starting? All while wearing white, neatly ironed button-down shirts, actually tucked in to their Dockers. Which are actually pulled up to their waists and belted. Did I mention they dined with the Pope?

Who are these people?

My Christmas Letter to You:

It was a pretty darned good year. Learned alot. Forgot some. Learned some more. Laughed more than I cried. Added a few more wrinkles and silver hairs. (Note to self: try 20 watt lightbulbs in the bathroom.) Made new friends. Kept the old ones.

Love my family like crazy, every single one of them.

How was your year?


Pilgrim/Heretic said...

My letter:

I had a pretty good year. Sat around and read a lot. Didn't save the polar bears or cure cancer. Maybe next year.

Had lots of good times, though, and the best of them were with you. Hugs and thanks!

Preenie said...

The end of the year as been the best part for me! Maybe it's the daily painting I've been doing everyday!? Can't wait for the New Year. : -)

Meliday said...

Hi my dear - you already read my Christmas letter...I can tell, from the content of your letter! :) LOVE the Hunter's Morning....had to point out the tent to the hubby, but oh well. And he's a hunter! :) Am off work til next year, lookin forward to a winter trip to the farm right after Christmas.
Your paintings are fabulous! Have any with a horse in a farm/barn scene? Big hugs, and God bless ya! -Melissa

Karine said...

You always manage to make me laugh, OUT LOUD!!! What a gem of a post. I thought I was the only one with friends like that. It's always nice to know you aren't alone in the world. xoxo

Patricia said...

P/H - Awwwww shucks. I love you too!

Preenie - Keep it up, your work is wonderful.

Meliday - No horses yet, although I could be convinced!

Karine - Right back atcha!