Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Christmas List

First off, for those of you who thought I was referring to your Christmas letter...nnnnoooo, it was someone else's letter! Your letter was my favorite!!

Santa's been asking about you. Here are some gift ideas I shared with him for the artists on his list:

A box full of fresh ideas. An ego strong enough to handle criticism. Self cleaning brushes.

Frames that actually look like the picture in the catalog. Self cleaning oil paint lids.

Customers. Did I mention friends?

A place to hang artwork. Good lighting. Time to create.

An open mind. A supportive significant other(s).

Friends. (I may have already mentioned that one.)

Dustless pastels. Just the right color.
Great subject matter.

A receptive audience.

A willingness to mentor others.

A sense of humor.

Last but not least, friends. (You just can't have enough of them.)

What would you like for Christmas?


Mavis said...

Someone very important once said:
"You are my friend,
You are special..."

Y'know, Mr. Rogers didn't just mean that for kids, and it counts even more for grown ups.

Thanks Patricia for being my friend.

Happy and Creative New Year to All!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Patty, the only thing that would make Christmas better is if all my painty lady friends lived right next door. Then again, would we ever get any painting done????
happy howl-idays to you and your family...happy painting in 2009!
hugs from chilly Texas