Sunday, July 19, 2009

From Me to You

Goodie! My birthday is coming soon.

In just over three weeks, I'll turn 53 delightful years of age.

It's been a pretty great 53 years, and I'm going to celebrate by sharing with you!

Leave a comment in the next three weeks, and I'll put your name into a drawing for a small painting. How's that for a celebration?!

I'm not exactly certain just exactly which painting I'll be giving away, but after painting 100 in the last few months I imagine I'll be able to find something.

So join me in celebrating, well, me!

Sign in and get something wonderful, from me to you!
Top - Day 81 - Jet Trails 2009
Middle - Day 78 - Off the River 2009
Bottom - Day 80 - Cottonwoods by the Pond 2009


Mavis said...

Hey! Happy Birthday! What a fantastic way to celebrate! I'll help you celebrate your wonderful creativity!

Nicole said...

Happy B-Day! Any special celebration plans? What a treat that one of your readers get a present too!

Nancy Medina said...

Well happy almost birthday painty lady! Wow, your new banner is mah-velous... You have lots to celebrate, your talent is amazing.
many birthday hugs flying through the ether toward you right now!

Jodi said...

Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!

(does that count as a comment?)



Chase said...

Happy birthday, Patty! What a cool idea!

Sarah said...

Maybe you should celebrate your birthday
more often?! Just teasin'.
I'm sorry I haven't called you for coffee yet,but I will!
I want to hear all about your painting journeys and so forth. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy almost birthday from me too! I really like the direction you're heading with your new "looser" style too! It's wondermous!


Kris said...

Love the jet trail pic. Good to talk to you the other night. Happy early b-day!

bluesurly said...

Happy Birthday Patty! Sto lat!!!
You're still a spring chicken, and a talented one at that.

PS I think #93 is great - can't have too many cow pictures!

Patricia said...

Carol! So glad you love blue cows too!! Gosh, tomorrow is the big giveaway! Good luck to you all!