Sunday, July 12, 2009

Veterans Thank You

Handsome Husband and I had the distinct priviledge of helping the Fillmore County American Legion and VFW of Geneva host the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall this weekend here in Geneva.

It was a humbling experience spending time with men and women and their families who gave so much of themselves in our country's service.

The setting was our Fillmore County Courthouse, a beautiful and peaceful place to gather and remember - and heal.

Thanks to Greg and the folks in Brevard County Florida for their work honoring veterans. It's so easy for most of us to move through our days without so much as a thought about what it takes to keep us safe and free.

Politics aside, we as a country must accept responsibility for showing respect to the men and women who are willing to do the dirty work.

Even after this experience I'll probably still whine about silly things, but it will be with the deeper awareness of the fact that I can whine, that I'm free to dash to the grocery store after my husband's favorite coffee creamer, that I can sleep at night fairly certain that I'll wake up safely the next morning with my community - and government - intact.

I'm called to participate, in something, in some small way. It's been a good reminder to get involved in our community doing ... anything. A town, a city, a state, our country cannot move without it's citizens doing the moving.

I won't run for city council or school board, there are far better people for that. I can pay attention however, respectfully add my two cents, and maybe even offer my services to a community group.

It'll be my way of saying thanks.

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