Sunday, July 26, 2009

Long Weekend

Hooo-ey! Just returned from a great weekend hanging out with my Mom and brother, Mick. Mom's moving to a smaller house after having lived in one spot for nearly 50 years. The Mickster and I sorted and packed under Mom's careful supervision and shared some great stories and laughs about the old days.

All this means that I'm pooped, so I'll just leave you with a reminder that I'm celebrating my birthday soon by giving you something wonderful.

Leave me a comment by August 8th. From all the comments left (It's just a comment. You don't have to be cute or clever. Just say 'hellow!') a name will be drawn to receive a birthday present in the form of a small painting from me!

I'm hoping to have all of my 100 daily paintings done by then, so it'll be a double celebration. You get a painting, and I get a break.
Too cool for words.

Top - Day 86 - Morning 2009
Bottom - Day 87 - Black-eyed Susans 2009


kate said...

happy birthday! now give me a present.

Patricia said...

Why Kate, as I recall, you're having a birthday too! Are you doling out piano solos as gifts?

Karine said...

Happy Birthday, Patty!!! You are GIVING a present??? You are too cool. Pick me, pick me!

Patricia said...

Karine, you're officially on the list! Good luck!!

Keturah Y. said...

Hello from Sarah's sister :-) Maybe I'll get a lovely little piece of your work to enjoy! Ciao, Keturah

Sarah said...

It's a battle between the Young sisters!!! ;) Miss ya, Patty!

Patricia said...

Ah, Youngsters Sarah and Keturah! Hugs to you both!