Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot Times

I'm a hotty.

I'm no math major, but if it's 98 degrees on Monday, 100 degrees on Tuesday, 104 on Wednesday, 98 Thursday and 106 on Friday, that makes it over 500 degrees on the streets of Lincoln by the time The Burkholder Project opened the doors for the First Friday Art Walk and opening reception for new July exhibits. 

The always cool Anne Burkholder at her post greeting visitors

Despite record high temps all week, the Historic Haymarket District in Lincoln, Ne was a hive of activity Friday evening. Over 600 art-loving people stopped in to the cool hallways offered by The Burkholder Project to enjoy the snacks, the air conditioning, and hopefully check out some pretty terrific art. 

©2012 Patricia Scarborough  Meander  12 x 16 oil

In addition to  ceramic artist extraordinaire Sharon Ohmberger and I, who are sharing space in the main gallery,  Susan Hart opened a new exhibit of gorgeous mixed media art in the Outback Gallery and Duane Adams  shared a new body of work upstairs in the Skylight Gallery. It was worth a little perspiration to see the fantastic creative endeavors of these artists.

Sharon Ohmberger is pleased to see you!

I personally want to thank each and every sweaty body who walked in the front door of The Burkholder Project.  I salute you with a glass of ice chips for your dedication to the fine art scene in Lincoln.

Awesome crowds

Many thanks also to Uncle Brother and Aunt Sis for coming up to share the experience with us, and to Brian Scarborough for taking time away from preparations for his soon-to-be-released original CD "Second Storm" to hang out with us. Big hugs to Andy for making time for me as well.

©2012 Patricia Scarborough Turkey Creek in August 12 x 18 pastel

Grab your flip flops, shades and parasol and chill out at The Burkholder Project this month with a refreshing exhibit of Scarborough oils and pastels. 

Handsome Husband and Uncle Brother playing it cool.


Hannah Hunter said...

Patty--are HH and Uncle Brother Twins? They both look pretty cool in the heat. And math--yes the degrees are adding up! So splendid that folks came out to refresh themselves with your awesome work.

Patty said...

Not twins, but close enough in age. You're a peach, Hannah!

Sharon Ohmberger said...

What a hoot! Great blog, Patty! I may get inspired to follow in your footsteps one of these days... Do give me a call next time you're in town. I'd love to get together, and yes, our show looks STELLAR!

Patty said...

Sharon, it's hard to be humble when you're stellar, isn't it?!